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Hey! Need Some Producing Advice?

;Following warm response to the public talk ‘Hey! Are You a Creative Producer’ in June, we have received feedback for more learning and networking opportunities in creative producing for Singapore’s performing arts sector.

Producing a new work is often an exciting venture but also a daunting leap into the unknown. Will my idea fly and resonate with the public? How do I seek potential partners? Who are the artists and designers I can collaborate with? What makes a compelling grant application? Can I tour this work overseas?

‘Hey! Need Some Producing Advice?’ is a clinic offering consultation for those wishing to start a new project or already in project development. Whether you need a sounding board for your ideas; or practical advice on specific issues and problems; or simply looking for a second opinion, this clinic is for you.

Independent producers, artists, producers and arts company representatives are welcomed to tap the brains of experienced creative producers with extensive experience across dance, music, theatre, community arts, touring and arts festivals. Share with us your project and the areas you need advice on, and we will match you to the appropriate panel.

Consulting Panel

Jeremiah Choy | Creative Director, Producer and Curator
Goh Ching Lee | Executive & Artistic Director, CultureLink Singapore
Ngiam Su-Lin | Co-Founder & Director, ArtsWok Collaborative
Tang Fu Kuen | Independent Curator, Dramaturg and Producer

Productions on Tour

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Hey! Need Some Producing Advice?
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