About Us

We believe in the power of the arts to bring joy and meaning to our lives, and to build bridges across cultures and communities. 

We are a conduit and springboard for international artistic diffusion, exchange and collaboration on the international stage for creative communities from Singapore, Asia, and beyond.


We animate the in-between spaces to spark interest, commitment and investment in compelling creative propositions.


We tour artists out of and into Asia; we create and produce our own projects and initiatives; we  receive commissions from others to advise, design,  plan and implement theirs.


We act in our multi-faceted roles as creative producer, facilitator, advisor, and advocate to co-create best possible outcomes through collaborative partnerships.


We are an intermediary serving the interests and needs of artists, festivals, arts venues, arts academies, museums and galleries, government and corporate bodies,  and arts-loving entities.


Our aim is to help fulfil the visions of our partners and clients to their fullest potential.