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Creative Producers Profile

Andy Chia
Artistic Director, SA(仨)

Andy was the first to be admitted into the Diploma and BA(Hons) in Nanyang Academy Fine Arts (NAFA) as a traditional Chinese bamboo flute student. He was also the first Singaporean to receive a Masters of Arts in Dizi performance from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, as a National Arts Council scholar.

Though he had been trained traditionally and classically in the Chinese flute, he seeks constant experimentation to explore the boundaries of sonic experience. He has incorporated the use of electronic effects and extended techniques such as flute boxing, throat singing, as well as hand crafted his own slide didgeridoo using pipes.

Andy is also the Artistic Director of SAtheCollective, a recipient of the National Arts Council Seed Grant 2016-19, and also the musician of experimental ethnic trio SA(仨). His recent solo artistic pursuit is in spirituality and music, bringing spiritually into the secular space.

Andy has gained a myriad of experiences performing both locally and internationally in countries such as France, UK, China, USA, Korea, Japan, India amongst others.

Chin Woon Ying
Manager (Artistic Administration), Singapore Chinese Orchestra

Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Chinese Studies from NUS, Chin Woon Ying currently heads the International Relations and Education & Outreach Departments at the Singapore Chinese Orchestra.

In more than 13 years working in the cultural sector, Woon Ying has engaged in a wide range of projects including the development of commissions and presentations at the Singapore Arts Festival including the Festival Village (2008-2012) and Singapore Season in China (2009).

In 2014, Woon Ying spearheaded the record-breaking Our People, Our Music concert organized by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, which featured 4,557 performers and broke two Guinness World Records.

As a participant of the inaugural Creative Producers Development Programme, Woon Ying undertook a 10-week residency in New York with Grammy Award-winning composer Tan Dun and his company Parnassus Productions. She also participated in the Australian Performing Arts Market as part of the Programme.
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Pearlyn Cai
Independent Producer

Pearlyn Chua is an independent producer and arts consultant. She has been involved in the arts for over a decade in various roles ranging from performance, production management to producing. She has programmed and co-produced theatre, music and community programs and festivals at the Esplanade which resulted in several critically acclaimed works and box office successes, some of which were nominated for and won Life! Theatre Awards. She started new programs and initiatives at Esplanade such as the popular ‘A Journey Through Local Music’ concerts for their National Day Celebrations and theatre development program RAW. Previously she had worked at the Singapore Biennale and Singapore Art Show for National Arts Council, as a Programmes Manager, and headed the Education & Outreach programs, as well as Volunteer Management in 2008. She has also worked with the Singapore International Jazz Festival and ArtsWok Collaborative. She was invited to speak as a Roundtable panellist at Yokohama Dance Collection R (2011) and Asian Performing Arts Festival (Tokyo 2012). Pearlyn advocates for cross-cultural artistic exchange and is interested in developing inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary performances with other independent artists. She is currently working on Singapore’s first staging of a Richard Wagner opera, The Flying Dutchman, and co-producing a new Scotland-Singapore collaboration with artist Ramesh Meyyappan. 

Natalie Lim
Co-Founder, Big Ideas Generation

Tania Goh
Producer, SaltShaker Productions, M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival

Tania Goh is Producer of the M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival by T.H.E Dance Company, one of Singapore’s leading dance companies. In collaboration with The Esplanade, the Festival programmes international and Asian artists, hosts residencies and tours.

Director of her own firm, SaltShaker Productions, Tania’s experience ranges from working with not-for-profit arts companies to international musicals such as the ABBA musical, Mamma Mia!, and the award-winning Disney musical, The Lion King.

As a Flamenco dance practitioner, Tania directs the Rose Borromeo Spanish Dance Company (Singapore), growing the genres of Classical Spanish dance and Flamenco in Southeast Asia. Her fluent Spanish language comes in handy when touring Spanish artists within the Asia-Pacific.

As a participant of the Creative Producers Development Programme, Tania was in residence in the UK under the mentorship of Farooq Chaudhry, Producer for Akram Khan Company, the English National Ballet and choreographer Yang Liping.


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Creative Producers Profile
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