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Stephanie Lake
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Christina Chan
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Aymeric Bichon / Christina Chan
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A dynamic new dance work uniting Australian choreographer Stephanie Lake and Singaporean collaborator Christina Chan with their creative partners in a special Singapore-Australia collaboration.  

Two figures emerge from the darkness and enter a heart-pounding, visceral world of split-second timing and melting fluidity. They are intricately tangled.

Replica is about symbiosis and the types of symbiotic relationships found in nature – including human nature. Mutualistic symbiosis sees both organisms benefit from the relationship; parasitic symbiosis sees one creature benefit while the other suffers. There is friction, aggression, tenderness and complicity.

With whip-smart unison alongside wild, animalistic choreography, Replica is the non-narrative story of two people travelling a winding road together. In this study of similarity and difference, we witness the fascinating intersection of two people – two dancers who need each other to create the work but also rail against their intimate interdependence.

Replica reunites Stephanie Lake and Christina and following a period of collaborative encounters in Singapore. Replica features collaboration with an internationally regarded team of artists including Christina’s dance collaborator Aymeric Bichon, Robin Fox (music), Bosco Shaw (lighting) and Paula Levis (costume).


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