Dreams and Declaration
Between Declarations and Dreams

National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore

Kim Lim
Steps, 1967

Kim Lim

Ken Cheong

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In times of Covid, we appreciate all the more the beauty of great music and art and their power  to soothe.

CultureLink artists Melvyn Tan and Margaret Leng Tan were invited to be part of ART+ LIVE digital series by the National Gallery, where they respond to paintings through their music.

Melvyn Tan responded to paintings of British and Asian royalty from the Gallery’s long-term exhibition Between Declarations and Dreams, reflecting on the theme of “Art and Power”, with a programme of Debussy, Beethoven and Ravel.

Selected Artworks

-Portrait of King Nangklao (1916) by Phra Soralaklikhit
-Portrait of King George V (date unknown) by unknown artist after Sir Luke Fildes


Debussy : Pagodes, Estampes 1st movement
Debussy : La Térrasse des Audiences du Clair de Lune, Prelude Book II
Beethoven: Sonata no 26, ‘Les Adieux’, 1st movement
Ravel : Le Tombeau de Couperin, Forlane, 3rd movement

Inspired  by the works of Singaporean women artists Kim Lim and Eng Tow, Margaret Leng Tan weaves in compositions by John Cage and George Crumb.

Selected Artworks 

– Full Moon (2011), by Eng Tow

Red Etching (1969)
Silver (1970)
Untitled b (1971)
Jaune Foncé (1972)
Steps (1967)
Segments (1988)

by Kim Lim


Cage : Dream
Crumb : Magic Circle of Infinity, Makrokosmos I
Crumb :Twin Suns​, Makrokosmos II


Kim Lim. Steps. 1967. Stainless steel, enamel paint and zinc coating. 92 x 129 x 24 cm. Gift of William Turnbull. Collection of National Gallery Singapore.

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