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The ancient Japanese art of Noh meets new technology in Yugen: The Hidden Beauty of Japan. This bold melding of the age-old Japanese theatre form and 21st century 3D scenography in Japan’s latest art development premieres at the Asian Civilisations Museum’s River Nights 2016.

Created by renowned director Amon Miyamoto and scenographer Shutaro Oku, travel into the fugitive world of Yugen, where nature unfolds with special 3D glasses mounted on an Omote Noh mask.

Step into the mysterious world of Yugen and savour glimpses of profound beauty of nature with Noh actors performing the extraordinary lions’ dance Shakkyo and the celestial maiden’s dance Hagoromo, set against a rich visual tapestry.

An original theatrical experience under the night sky on the grounds of  Singapore’s Asia Civilisation Museum.

Presented by Japan Foundation
Co-produced by CultureLink Singapore



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