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National Museum of Singapore
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National Museum Events

CultureLink is the Performing Arts Advisor to the National Museum of Singapore, supporting the museum’s innovative efforts in expanding the museum experience through high quality and engaging performing arts programmes.

The Museum presents a dynamic range of Festivals and events including the Night Festival, world cinema series, performance programmes, alongside its lauded exhibitions and precious artifacts.

A new cultural and architectural icon in Singapore following a 3 year refurbishment, the Museum re-opened in 2006 presenting history in cutting-edge and varied ways that redefines the conventional museum experience. It is Singapore’s oldest museum with an open and progressive mind.

We sourced and curated programmes for the Museum’s festivals, exhibitions and events.

Programmes curated by CultureLink Singapore.



16-17 October 2010

National Museum LVDI SCAENICI performed at the opening of Pompei Exhibition – a special exhibition of Pompeii: Life in a Roman Town 79CE held from Oct 2010, – Jan 2011. Based in Rome, LVDI SCAENICI, meaning “scenic shows”, is among a small handful of groups dedicated to the research and performance of the music and dance of Ancient Rome. LVDI SCAENICI has collaborated extensively with the major museums, universities and research institutions devoted to the study of Roman antiquity in Italy, Spain and Germany. The group has performed widely in Italy and in festivals, important archaeological sites and museums in Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany.



TAGFISH by Berlin Berlin
14 – 16 April 2011, National Museum

The Flemish theater group Berlin makes cinematic theater, a blend of documentary, performance and video. Tagfish tells the story of the UNESCO world heritage site Zollverein, an abandoned coalmining complex in the German Ruhr area. People set to work searching for new purposes for the vacant industrial heritage site. One of them is Sheikh Hanna Yamani who dreams of a hotel construction project. But can a world heritage site be sold? Proponents and opponents each have their own opinions about this. So six individuals appear on six vertical flat screens that are situated around a long table to discuss the issue : the architect, the town planner, the professor, the negotiator, the journalist and the provocateur. These people have never met before in real life. The seventh chair is empty, waiting for the Sheikh to occupy it, if he arrives. There’s a lot to talk about.



MANTRA by Orlando Consort
National Museum, 4-5 Nov 2011
Yong Siew Toh Consevatory, 3 Nov 2011

Mantra – A Musical Conversation Across the Indian Ocean is  a collaborative projects that imagines the musical encounter between the sacred music brought by Portuguese missionaries and local Goan music 500 years ago.

Formed in 1988 by the Early Music Network of Great Britain, the Orlando Consort rapidly achieved a reputation as one of Europe’s most expert and consistently challenging groups performing repertoire from the years 1050 to 1550. They have performed at many of Britain’s top festivals and have in recent years made numerous visits to France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, the USA and Canada, South America, Japan, Greece, Russia, Austria, Portugal and Spain. Their CDs have won Music CDs of the Year awards by Gramophone Magazine in 1996 and 2003, and a nomination for the 2009 BBC Music Magazine Choral Award.

Productions on Tour

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National Museum Events
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