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Journey of Youth Olympic Flame

Singapore hosted the world’s first Youth Olympic Games in August 2010. The Youth Olympic Flame was lit in Greece and embarked on a journey to five cities on five continents in Berlin, Mexico City, Dakar, Auckland and Seoul before arriving in Singapore for the commencement of the Games. In each city, the Flame was received at City Celebrations, a series of events and performances organisd by the respective national Olympic committees of each city.The consortium of CultureLink, Singapore Street Festival and The Presenting Company produced the Singapore Showcase as a part of each City Celebrations. Co-ordinating with each national olympic committee and the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee, performance programmes highlighting the cultural diversity and youth cultures of Singapore were presented in the five cities within a period of two weeks. Singapore Showcase involved over 50 performers and designers in programmes of music, movement, and dance.

Singapore Showcase Schedule

Berlin, Pariser Platz, 24 Jul 2010
Dakar, Goree Island, 25 Jul 2010
Mexico City, Zocalo, 28 Jul 2010
Auckland, Telstra Pacific Clear Centre, 2 Sep 2010
Seoul, Gwanghwamun Square, 4 Sep 2010

Productions on Tour

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Journey of Youth Olympic Flame
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