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Creative Producers

The sustainability of independent creative producers can be a precarious one where big cultural institutions dominate.

However, this has not discouraged some of us in Singapore.  

When CultureLink was established, it was the first home-grown creative producing, artist touring, and consulting intermediary of its kind in Singapore.  At the same time, we saw the emergence of young independent producers and artists trying to forge their own paths.

Calling attention to this fledgling industry, we initiated the Creative  Producers Development Programme,  a mentoring programme for mid-career producers in Singapore supported by the  National Arts Council. Five producers were mentored by producer leaders in arts capitals in North America, Asia and Europe.

We gathered a small group of veteran creative producers to share their personal journeys and producing tips in forums and clinics.

These were the first initiatives and public gatherings in Singapore reflecting on the role and place of creative producers in our arts ecology.  The overwhelming response received was proof of the hunger and search for a community among aspiring producers.

These initiatives paved the way for the formation of Producers Sg, a community network and self-help group for independent producers, arts managers, and self-producing artists in Singapore.

May the community grow in strength!


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