Charlie Lim
Charlie Lim

SG x OZAsia Festival 2018

Loo Zihan
50/50 by Loo Zihan

SG x Brisbane Festival 2018

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Singapore Seasons

A red dot on the world map. Nonetheless a cosmopolitan island country home to a vibrant and eclectic artistic community eager to share their voices with you.

With a multiracial population of 5.8m living within borders that one can drive across in under 60 minutes (at the widest!),  Singapore defies any valiant attempt at articulating a singular national cultural identity.

We are a diasporic mix whose mother cultures lie elsewhere. Once described  as ‘cultural orphans’ and ‘culturally unintelligible’, this lightness of cultural baggage has ironically allowed our artistic creativity to be imagined and cast in bold, unexpected, and paradoxical ways.

Not surprisingly, international curators prospecting for a single quintessential or representative Singaporean work for their platforms  might find it an elusive task.

To them we say : why one, why not a suite or ‘season’ of works to provide a stronger context to who we are and what we are about?

CultureLink is ready to help with our network, intelligence and experience.  We are well placed to connect, navigate, activate and mediate to bridge critical conversations and funding  gaps (among other things!)

We are so pleased our provocation has found favour among several festivals. Some of whom have entered into multi-year agreements with us to co-develop seasons or series of work by Singaporean artists.

We value ‘Singapore Seasons’ as a journey of discovery and capacity building for the artists involved and the new audiences they reach.

Seeing the curiosity and emotions elicited from the audience – joy, laughter and sometimes tears – is our greatest reward!


We gratefully acknowledge the support of the National Arts Council and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth for our Seasons projects.

See our Projects pages for details.