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Sword of Wisdom


Sword of Wisdom conveys the power of solidity and tranquility, and is about the path the Brave One must take in his practice of moral teachings. He faces the unknowns of life, which result in fear, and this leads him to begin the search for wisdom. By holding on to the sword, the Brave One sees his own weakness, yet by holding on to the sword, he also finds the courage needed to confront life.

Using the Brave One with a sword as an icon, U-Theatre selected chapters that best fit this theme from its international touring repertory of Sound of the OceanMeeting with Bodhisattva, and A Touch of Zen. The most prominent feature of “Sword of Wisdom” is the sounds of wooden and metal percussion that are added to the sound of drumming. Together with Gurdjieff Movements (the sacred dance), famous for its precision in movement, U-Theatre presents a higher level of drumming as an art.