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Danz Up 2.0 《炫舞场2.0》


Break out of your routine. Seize life with both hands.

With high-octane energy and feel-good vibes, Danz Up 2.0 is a brand new version of the street dance theatre hit that sold out 10 shows at Hong Kong Arts Festival 2016. Featuring a cast of 20, Danz Up 2.0 fires up the dreams of urban dance warriors in the city.

With hip hop, jazz-funk, urban dance, locking and popping moves by choreographer Shing Mak (famed for the Hong Kong dance movie The Way We Dance); music by Day Tai (Best Original Film Song, Hong Kong Film Awards 2014 and 2016), this young energetic cast led by veteran stage director Tang Wai-kit and award winning playwright Matthew Cheng promises a spectacular dance-off.

Don’t just stand there. Get movin’


Presented by
Hong Kong Arts Festival 

In association with
CultureLink Singapore

Supported by
Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office in Singapore

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Airline Partner
Singapore Airlines

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Danz Up 2.0 《炫舞场2.0》
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