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Beyond Time


With the power of man as the main component, through the technical realisation of theatre technology, U-Theatre expresses aptly the relationship between “man” and “universe” in Beyond Time.

The whole performance uses imaging technology to construct a more distinct three-dimensional and multi-layer stage as well as a virtual 4D space through the use of projection and mirrored floors. Light is projected to create a contrast between “substance” and “void”, bringing the audience and performers to enter together a “universe of time and space”.

In this performance, some dance movements simulate that of the planets in the solar system. Regarding the drum playing, U-Theatre departs from the traditional styles of drum playing by having the performers carry the drums on their backs and use their bodies to convey the sounds, creating rhythm with tempo.

Scene 1  A Downpour
Scene 2  Refection of the Moon on a Thousand Rivers
Scene 3  Wading through the Air
Scene 4 The Eclipse
Scene 5  The Vortex
Scene 6  Beyond time

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