SATIEfaction: Erik Satie, Cage and Beyond

Fri, 20 Jan 2017
Gallery Theatre, National Museum

Margaret Leng Tan, piano, toy piano
Daniel Jenkins, narrator
Great Small Works, video

“It’s not a question of Satie’s relevance. He’s indispensable.” -John Cage

Following the composer Erik Satie’s 150th birthday, legendary Singaporean pianist Margaret Leng Tan presents a multimedia evening of Satie and Satie-inspired music from John Cage, Toby Twining and Federico Mompou performed on piano and toy piano.

Satie, the iconoclastic eccentric Frenchman, a precursor of Debussy and Ravel, had a huge influence on John Cage. Cage was profoundly impressed by Satie’s disregard for the rule-book, his embrace of the absurd and the surreal, his unaffected blurring of high and low art. Fittingly Cage’s text on Satie will be performed, along with excerpts from Satie’s writings narrated by actor Daniel Jenkins.

Programme Highlights
Satie’s Sports et Divertissements (Sports and Pastimes), a cycle of 21 short piano pieces composed in 1914, will be heard along with Satie’s accompanying texts and projections of Charles Martin’s original illustrations.

Tan will perform Cage’s Satie-influenced Dream and In a Landscape to images from her Erik Satie theatrical collaboration with Great Small Works. She will also present one of Cage’s last compositions, his Extended Lullaby for twelve music-boxes, in her own multiple-toy piano arrangement.

Toby Twining’s hauntingly melancholic Satie Blues for toy piano and piano, and Cançó i Dansa No. 1 by the Spanish miniaturist Federico Mompou (1893 –1987) deservedly round out SATIEfaction.

Photos courtesy of the National Museum of Singapore

Beyond the Silence: The Legacy of John Cage

A workshop by Margaret Leng Tan

Sat, 4 Feb 2017
2pm – 4pm
The Salon, Level 1

Margaret Leng Tan, one of the most admired of Cage interpreters, worked with Cage from 1981 till his death in 1992. She will present a compelling and persuasive portrait of a true American original who not only upended conventional thinking, but whose pervasive influence on subsequent generations of artists has given the term “maverick” a whole new significance.


Asian Premiere

Presented by the National Museum of Singapore in collaboration with CultureLink Singapore