Wang Ramirez


Sébastien Ramirez and Honji Wang cultivate a dance rooted in Hip Hop that incorporates all artistic languages. This French-Hispanic-Korean couple, inseparable in life as onstage translates their complicity in difference through artistic blending. Without denying their origins in urban dance, they create works with multiple entries. Their choreographic research results directly from their “blended” identities. In addition, their interrogations are based on human relationships, both intimate and group. Confronted daily to the realities of this new urban mobility, they never seize to deepen their quest of finding new choreographic languages. Their means of expression are built on technical virtuosity, poetry, humor and the questioning of human identities.

Since its creation in 2007 in Perpignan, the Company has continued to develop its creative formats – from duos to the distribution of dancers and riggers – by shaping its identity and singularity within a choreographic landscape. The Company’s projects, accompanied from the beginning by Dirk Korell and camin aktion (for all development and production), have rapidly received support from the national theatres of Perpignan (Théâtre de l’Archipel, where Sébastien Ramirez is in residency), Narbonne (Le Théâtre) as well as from the IADU (Initiatives d’Artistes en Danses Urbaines) and since 2012, support from La Villette (Paris) and the Théâtre de la Ville (Paris). The Company receives a company support by Regional council of Languedoc-Roussillon, Ministry of Culture and the County council Pyrénées Orientales. Réseau en Scène Languedoc-Roussillon supports mobility and co-productions. Since 2014, the Company also receives support from the BNP Paribas Foundation for project development.

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Poetry in gravity defying motion

The Evening Standard, UK

A love story in different languages

The New York Times

...(their) pieces are not only beautiful, they are socially, politically involved and exceeds the borders of each performer's personal history.

Le Monde, France

Upcoming Performances

18 June 2016
Grand Théâtre

22-23 July 2016
American Dance Festival
Durham, USA

26-28 August 2016
Festival Tanz Im August
Berlin, Germany

1-2 September 2016
Hannover, Germany

1 October 2016
L'Octogone, Théâtre de Pully
Pully, Switzerland

12-15 October 2016
Next Wave Festival, Brooklyn Academy of Music
New York, USA

6-7 December 2016
Espace des Arts, Scène Nationale