Hotel Pro Forma


Hotel Pro Forma is an international production house, an artistic meeting place, and an incubator for cross-disciplinary artistic work.

Exploring  themes of a universal mature, it creates innovative works transcending the boundaries between visual arts, text, music, theatre, installations and architecture.

Its artistic work is akin to peering through binoculars looking into microscopic matter against the canvas of the grand universe. Each work is a framing of existence, envisioning the future while grasping its past, and not the least, our present time.

Hotel Pro Forma creates art with new technologies, and was founded in 1985 by Kirsten Dehlholm. As artistic director and stage designer, her work with Hotel Pro Forma has received great recognition both in Denmark and internationally.

Kirsten Dehlholm has received several prestigious awards. In 2015, she received the Danish Reumert Award of Honour for her life long artistic achievements; as well as the Distinguished Artist Award from the International Society of Performing Arts (ISPA).

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It is in the beauty Kirsten Dehlholm conveys her thoughts. The question is perhaps whether something as dramatic as the state of the world is transformed to mere aesthetics and heavy thoughts. I don’t think so. The experience is intense and meaningful.

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Upcoming Performances

26 May - 20 June 2018
National Theater Mannheim
More info here.



21 March 2018
Chasse Theater
Breda, The Netherlands
More info here.


14 April 2018
Place des Arts
Montreal, Canada
More info here.


24 - 25 May 2018
London, UK

16 & 18 March 2018
Teatr Wielki Poznan
Poznan, Poland
More info here.

20 January - 26 April 2018
The State Youth Theatre
Vilnius, Lithuania
More info here.

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