Margaret tours Australia

Margaret in 3-city Australia Tour March 2015

Jim Standard

Virtuoso toy pianist Margaret Leng Tan travels to Australia touring to three cities next Mar 2015. She will perform Clangor!, her toy piano programme suitable for ages 8 – 80, at three different music festivals. Certainly, her toy piano programme knows no bounds in its universal appeal!


Clangor! is a diminutive music-theatre of nostalgia and humor performed exclusively on toy pianos and all manner of toy instruments, from bicycle bells to a hand-cranked music box. Who would have thought toys had such potential?

Margaret treats them as real instruments, in keeping with the French avant-garde artist Marcel Duchamp’s statement, “poor tools require better skills.” She also fulfills her mentor John Cage’s long-standing conviction that one can make music on just about any object capable of producing sound, whether it be the tin can used in Ying-an Lin’s Drunkard’s Dance, the jack–in-the-box featured in James Joslin’s Für Enola, or the toy hammer and rattle in Twinkle Dammit! by David Wolfson.

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