Artist-in-Residence at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory Oct 2012 – Mar 2015

Exploration, insight and imagination are vital ingredients in Melvyn Tan’s blend of artistic attributes. He established his international reputation in the 1980s with pioneering performances on fortepiano and continues to cast fresh light on music conceived for the piano’s early and modern forms.

Tan possesses a profound understanding of his instrument’s history, its technical evolution and musical development. His performances of piano masterworks, whether on a late eighteenth-century fortepiano or today’s concert grand, penetrate the surface of interpretive traditions and received wisdom to reveal countless expressive nuances and rarely heard tonal contrasts. Acclaimed for the wit and poetry of his playing, Tan has also received ovations for his bold programming and exceptional ability to switch from fortepiano and modern piano, even in the same recital.

After an absence of two decades, Melvyn Tan made a triumphant return to Singapore. He played to a full Esplanade Hall in January 2011 and has since returned regularly to Singapore for orchestral and recital performances and to teach young musicians.

Since September 2012 he has shared his knowledge of pianos old and new and of the art of interpretation as Artist in Residence at Singapore’s Yong Siew Toh Conservatory. In the course of his Residency, Melvyn has been prolific in engaging with conservatory and other music students, taking part in special projects of the Conservatory, as well as giving a full solo fund-raising concert in aid of Viva Foundation for Children with Cancer.

Residency Activities

Melvyn Tan with the Conservatory Orchestra
14 Mar 2015, YSTCM Concert Hall

Melvyn Tan with YSTCM students
Asian Civilisation Museum Lunchtime Concert
14 Mar 2014, Asian Civilisations Museum

Melvyn Tan and T’ang Quartet
18 Mar 2014, YSTCM Concert Hall

Melvyn Tan with Conservatory Chamber Orchestra
21 Oct 2014, YSTCM Concert Hall

Melvyn Tan with Singapore Symphony Orchestra
27 Mar 2014, Esplanade Concert Hall

Melvyn Tan
Guiyang Symphony Orchestra
18 April 2014, Guiyang City, China

A History of the Piano : Time Travel with Melvyn Tan,
Fundraising Recital for Viva Foundation for Children with Cancer
8 Mar 2013,  YSTCM Concert Hall

Melvyn Tan with Guy Johnston
17 Oct 2013, YSTM

Melvyn Tan Recital (recital for music students)
20 Feb 2013, YSTCM Concert Hall

Melvyn Tan Recital
5-6 Jan 2012, Music at an Exhibition, National Museum of Singapore

Melvyn Tan with Orchestra of Music Makers
6 Jul 2012, Cheltenham Music Festival

Melvyn Tan Cage/Scarlatti Recital
26 Oct 2012, YSTCM Concert Hall